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Discussion in ' Motorsailers ' started by Tres CoolJul 1, Log in or Sign up. Boat Design Net. MacGregor 26 not good? Water-ballast in general?? I've heard a few people say negative things about the MacGregor 26 and was wondering why? I'm looking to buy a ft sailboat and would like to stay with a "traditional" sailboat and not a cross between sail and motor. Thoughts on MacGregor 26 or water-ballast boats in general?

Tres CoolJul 1, Tres,-- you will not be looking cool in one of those things. People call them a reall sailboat? Dont mind me welcome. FrostyJul 1, I think the McGregor is extremely ugly. I saw one at a boat show. I pushed on the side.

It pushed in a half inch. The question to ask a McGregor owner is not "how do you like your boat?

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The outboard is a marketing idea. If most all the owners are neophytes, and no seasoned sailors are trying to design big outboards into their boats, then the marketing is geared towards ignorence and not wisdom.

It is considered a niche market, and it is. It comprises a group of people who prefer to sail in fair weather, rarely going out of sight of land, who don't really feel commited to the idea of sailing, and often people who think about things as "products" that are "manufactured" by a "corporation" as the epitomy of legitimacy and reliability. It is a different way of looking at the boat, as if it were a car or a television set, as in, "We own a mcgregor!

macgregor 26 forum

If that is how you approach sailing, then a McGregor is the perfect boat. It is also a bargain, meaning so many are made that economy of scale makes them less expensive though it must be pointed out that they are cheaply made also, and not built to do much serious sailing. This makes them very affordable indeed.

macgregor 26 forum

I own a fifteen footer, a gaffer, and I would wager that it could not be built for less than the price of a new McGregor. You cannot push in the sides of my boat though. I appreciate your honestly I think the MacGregor is a neat concept but do think its made rather cheaply.

MacGregor 26 not good? Water-ballast in general??

The outside windows are actually not even real windows but rather a black mask. By the way, I'll add that a really good sailor could sail a bathtub to China and back, and there may just be some Mcgregor owners here on the forum. It is the combination of three things that would make a mcGregor a very poor choice an inexperienced sailor, a cheaply constructed boat, and the hubris to sail that boat beyond its customary capability.

Any two of the above factors, I say no problem. It's the three together that make for disasterous consequences. Compromises The original idea was interesting: water ballast makes it a 'sailboat' and no ballast makes it a light planing 'powerboat'. But you better make real sure you know what mode you're in.

We had a nasty accident five years ago up here on Lake Champlain where a young girl and her younger brother were drowned when the 'driver' started up at night, put the power on, did a sharp turn and capsized the boat. It's still in the courts, I think.In total there are users online :: 2 registered, 0 hidden and guests based on users active over the past 5 minutes Most users ever online was on Mon Jul 04, pm.

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I have some questions for anyone familiar with the MacGregor MacGregor 26? I live in South Florida. I am interested in getting a MacGregor 26M. Is there anyone out there who knows if that is a good boat for a beginner? I also am looking at the Cat But I am leaning towards the MacGregor Does anyone have any feedback, advice, opinions or experience with the MacGregor?

I will be crusing the Indian River area and offshore close to the beach within a mile. I might also take the Okeechobee Waterway through the lake to the West Coast and back. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Join Date: May I didn't think I'd ever read this! What you guys really know about the boat would wipe off on a bit of dunny paper.

First the Mac can't be taken far from the boat ramp, then it's an unsafe boat, then it's not a sailboat nor a power boat. What else you got? Swear to god there are some truly ignorant armchair admirals on in this forum. The right time of year and with the right conditions it would be possible, just not for me because I'd think you were a fool to try. GDAY ANDY 59 i bought the macgregor 26 about 2 yrs ago brand new for reasons some being trailerable ,no mooring cost22 knots cruizer with a suzuki 60 hp 4 stroke outboard.

I know this boat is not a great sail boat but this is what i have at the moment and i believe the trip is possible just as a lot of others on this forum believe possible also cheers. GOOD 1 MAC26 good write up not many people understand how these boats actually work the 60 hp 4 stroke suzuki still winds and tide equals 1 liter per hr at 5 knots gps speed i plan on carrying 60 liters fuelliters water plus 2 times 20 liter solar hot water showers i would like to contact u if possible your on the money cheers.

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Your joking right. Rough seas, 45 knots. Hardly a white cap in sight. No waves breaking over the boat, no white water in the air. Less than 1 metre seas, sea state maybe Select to expand quote MorningBird said.

Maybe the 20 to 25 im being generous kts feels like 45!!! I'd like to see you do this Steve, I really enjoy reading and watching adventures in small yachts, in particular trailer yachts that can get right into the protected quiet protected anchorages and areas otherwise not seen from a large yacht. I think you need some serious revision of your fuel figures though!!

I allow 2 litres per hour to be on the safe sideactual consumption is a little under 2lph. And a Merry Christmas to you. My island hopping was a tongue in cheek comment my friend.

Macgregor 26 Horseshoe bay trip October 2015

After looking at your profile and posts I wonder if someone is playing good guy bad guy here? Anyway have a merry and safe Christmas everybody - including you mate.There is some confusion about all of the different MacGregor 26 models and some controversy about their sailing abilities.

The MacGregor 26 evolved after the Venture 22 and the MacGregor 25, which had been built from to about The M25 had a weighted centerboard keel like other trailer able sailboats but featured positive flotation, a low price, easy trailer ability and a comfortable interior with an enclosed head porta-potty.

macgregor 26 forum

These features carried forward into M26 models and helped make MacGregor one of the bestselling sailboats. Many traditional sailors joke about MacGregors because of the light fiberglass construction the hull can "oilcan" flex in places if you push hard against it and its powerboat characteristics since Many say it is not a "real sailboat.

macgregor 26 forum

The water ballast tank is horizontal and only a foot or so beneath the surface, unlike a vertical ballasted keel or centerboard that extends much deeper. Some have even questioned how water, weighing the same as the water displaced by the boat, can be called ballast at all. The ballast tank has been well engineered, however, and does provide righting moment the same as a keel when the boat heels over, because the weight of water far out from the centerline on the "uphill" side in the air once heeled over does pull the boat back down the same as a weighted keel.

This does mean that the boat is more tender, or tippy, initially. A story has been told about a sailor on one edge of the deck who grabbed the mast when the boat heeled, and his own weight pulling on the mast that far above the waterline caused the boat to capsize all the way over. Whether true or not, the story illustrates a common perception of how tender the MacGregor is. In normal conditions, however, careful sailors can safely sail the water-ballast M26 by following standard precautions:.

The larger safety issue is that for many owners, the M26 is a "starter boat" and they may not have the experience or knowledge to avoid possible problems in time. The bottom line is that anyone who goes sailing needs to be fully aware of the limitations of their boat and practice all safety guidelines. Having owned and sailed a 26S extensively for three years, it indeed sails fairly well and lives up to its reputation of being a roomy and easily trailered pocket cruiser. This sailboat can meet most budgetary needs and has room enough for a family of three to cruise for up to a week at a time.

It is a light boat, but with sailing experience and caution, trouble in winds to thirty knots can be easily avoided.

The fiberglass is thin but you can avoid running into rocks.

Owner's Review of the MacGregor 26 Sailboat Models

Thousands of MacGregor owners have had experiences where they thoroughly enjoyed sailing. Keep in mind that it's a light boat and always take the precautions listed above.

For powerboat owners of the 26X and 26M, the boat should be as safe as any powerboat but do not hit a rock or another boat at 24 MPH. Tom Lochhaas. Tom Lochhaas is an experienced sailor who has developed several boating safety books with the American Red Cross and the U.

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Hello, I've been sailing a San Juan 21 for a few years, and now looking to upgrade to something bigger for my wife and I. My obsessive research has gravitated me towards two boats The 26X is the winner right now, and I there are couple of reasonably priced units in my area with smaller motors. We really like the look, the simplicity of trailering and rigging, and the spacious cabin area. So here's the dilemma; my primary sailing area is a reservoir that doesn't allow motors However, we'd like to take it to bigger lakes occasionally.

This sounds like a goofy question Or would I be better off looking for a nice Catalina 22? Decisions, decisions. And for what it's worth, I've checked out the 26S and 26D, they are nice but we like the interior of the X much better.

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